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College-Wide Shredding

A campus-wide shredding event will take place for all college-related materials. A secure central shredding location will be used and managed by the Facilities Management Department. Please note this event is intended for Canisius College-related material only. No personal shredding material will be accepted.

All material to be shredded must be boxed. If you need boxes, please place a work order in the Facilities Management on-line work order system, which is located in the MyCanisius Portal, under My Applications, Facilities Work Order. Please do not call the Facilities Management Department for boxes, as you will be referred to this site.

Once all of your department shredding is boxed, a new work order must be placed to have these boxes picked up and moved to the central shredding location. Please be patient as the Facilities Management Department Staff will complete work orders according to its staff availability and time schedule. Please do not call the Facilities Management Department for pick-up as you will only be referred to the work order system to place your request.

The cut-off date for placing work orders to pick up shredding is Friday, May 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm.

Submitted by: Julie Daniel, operations office manager, Facilities