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MKW Ares Portrait - WEPFor the second year, Miranda Workman, clinical assistant professor of animal behavior, ecology and conservation (ABEC) and anthrozoology, is the lead trainer-mentor for the Cat Pawsitive program. Workman collaborates with team leaders for the Baltimore County Animal Shelters to identify good candidates for behavioral training, such as older cats, cats who have been at the shelter longer than average, and adolescent cats who aren’t dealing well with the confinement of shelter life.

Developed by cat expert Jackson Galaxy from the hit TV show “My Cat From Hell” and a team of animal behavior experts, Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Cat Pawsitive is a mojo-enhancing, positive-reinforcement clicker training initiative that enriches day-to-day life for cats in shelters, builds new skills for cats as well as shelter staff and volunteers, promotes the human-cat bond and helps improve adoptability.

Read more about Workman’s role with the Cat Pawsitive program here.

Submitted by: College Communications