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Four alums with experience doing presidential campaign advance work will share their experiences on Wednesday, March 2, at 3 p.m. in Regis South. Patrick Morris, Ron Keohane, Lucian Sikorskyj, and Jerry Paradise will offer insights and answer questions.

Advance work includes the planning and execution of a candidate’s campaign event. It involves every detail of the event including airport arrivals, motorcades, site selection and setup, the event itself, crowd-building, the press, and “Wheels Up!” The US Secret Service may be involved, as well. It is exciting and exhausting, as teams arrive four or five days ahead of the event and have that much time to put everything together. Then they go do it again.

It is a great way for young people to get on a presidential campaign. This year, there should be lots of opportunities to work for Republicans.

Refreshments will be available.

Submitted by:  Michael V. Haselswerdt, PhD, professor, political science; director, William H. Fitzpatrick Institute of Public Affairs and Leadership