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Welcome back from the Media Center!  This summer saw work completed in a number of classrooms on campus.

OM 200 and HO 103 were both upgraded from Level 1 to Level 3 classrooms.  They both now feature a ceiling-mounted LCD projector for display of a resident computer, document camera, DVD/VCR combo unit, and instructor’s laptop.  The projectors in these rooms are controlled by an Extron Control Panel. OM 304, which received a partial upgrade back in the spring, also received an Extron Control Panel and DVD/VCR combo unit.

OM 305 and OM 309 were also upgraded.  A Gefen PVR (Personal Video Recorder) now replaces the VCR used for the recording of the accompanying observations suites.  The PVR records to a USB thumb drive, which allows for easy playback in the room on the unit itself or outside of the room on a computer.  These rooms have also been modified so all sources (laptop, DVD/VCR, PVR) now display on the ceiling-mounted LCD projector.

Also of note is the upgrade to OM 414 (EDU SMART Classroom). The room has been reconfigured and now sports dual projectors, a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard, SMART Sympodium, 12 student computer stations, and new furniture.

To find out additional information on the aforementioned rooms and to see what changes were made in ten other classrooms, please visit our What’s New? page.

For any questions or concerns about instructional technology in the classroom or to schedule training, please contact the Media Center at Ext. 2590.  For more information on classrooms, please check out the What’s In My Classroom page at the Media Center website.

Submitted by:  Bob Grabowski, instructional support specialist, media center