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Canisius in the News

Julie Anna Golebiewski, PhD, associate professor of economics and finance, spoke with The Buffalo News about the slowing of hiring in the local job markets and how this stagnation compares to previous years.

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Canisius in the News

The Buffalo News recently interviewed Dan Starr, PhD, retired athletic director and emeritus professor of historyStarr spoke about the Buffalo Bills’ chances at winning a Super Bowl this year and shares what he believes it would mean to the city of Buffalo.

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Academic Talent Search Receives Grant

Canisius received a $352,266 grant through the U.S. Department of Education’s Talent Search Program. The grant provides funding for the college’s Academic Talent Search Program, designed to identify students in underserved communities with the potential for success in post-secondary education.

The Department of Education’s Talent Search Program identifies and assists underrepresented students encouraging them to graduate from high school and complete a college degree. It also reaches students who have not completed secondary and post-secondary programs, encouraging them to reenter and finish their college degrees.

“This grant enables us to continue to work with schools in under-served neighborhoods and provide academic, career and financial counseling to the more than 600 participants in the program,” said Canisius President John J. Hurley. “Through the Academic Talent Search Program we provide students with the tools to accomplish their educational goals.” 

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IAR Study Examines Short-term Effects of Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Restrictions on Youth with ASD

Researchers from the Institute for Autism Research (IAR) assessed the potential short-term effects of Covid-19 stay-at-home restrictions on ratings of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and comorbid symptoms severity and adaptive functioning of 69 youth, ages 8–16 years with ASD (without intellectual disability).

The research team included Christopher Lopata, PsyD; Jonathan D. Rodgers, PhD; James P. Donnelly, PhD;  Marcus L. Thomeer, PhD; Jennifer Lodi-Smith, PhD and graduate assistants Zoe L. Gionis, Samantha L. Andrews and Christian J. Rajnisz.

Parent/caregiver ratings were collected in fall and spring over approximately two years when the restrictions were imposed four months prior to the final data collection point.

Results indicated no significant changes in parent/caregiver ratings of ASD symptom severity, comorbid symptoms severity (e.g., disruptive behaviors, anxiety, depression, etc.), social skills, or adaptive behaviors following the stay-at-home restrictions and little variability across the four data collection points.

“Although the Covid-19 stay-at-home restrictions abruptly changed the established routines of these youth more than halfway through the school year, it is possible that this disruption was no more distressing than the challenges encountered on a regular basis in the school setting,” said Dr. Rodgers.

Findings suggested minimal short-term effects on these symptoms and adaptive skills, however, ongoing monitoring is needed to assess longer-term impacts.

The research was published in the Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities (July 2021). Read the full study here.

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Canisius in the News

President John Hurley spoke on the start of the school year amidst growing vaccination concerns and regulations. 

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Julie Anna Golebiewski, PhD, associate professor of economics and finance, spoke with The Buffalo News about the worker shortage and a possible need for higher wages.  

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