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Canisius in the News

Buffalo News Higher Education Reporter Janet Gramza interviewed James Nowak about recent reports that New York State is proposing a budget increase to TAP for the first time in 24 years. The associate director of enrollment and financial aid explains if passed, it will unlock small TAP awards for more people and increase per-person awards. Click here to read the story.

Submitted by: University Communications

Celebrate Earth Week

Happy Earth Week!  The USA Sustainability Committee is excited to unveil our lineup of events dedicated to celebrating our planet and fostering a greener, more sustainable campus community!

Get ready to dive into a week filled with inspiring activities and initiatives aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and action. From educational workshops to hands-on volunteer opportunities, there’s something for everyone to get involved in.

So, grab your calendars and mark these dates because together, we’re taking meaningful steps towards creating an Earth-friendly campus:

Monday 4/22: 
  • New Buffalo Institute Mission Mondays: 3-5 Commuter Lounge
  • Canisius Peace Coffeehouse: 7-9 Science Hall 
Tuesday 4/23:
  • Local Market: 12-2PM Quad
Wednesday 4/24:
  • Planet Plates Speaker Series: 1PM Library Learning Room
  • Earth Week Extravaganza (Seed Paper Making, Jean Edit): 6-8PM Palisano Basement
Friday 4/26:
  • Earth Week Morning Meditation: 10-11AM Quad
Saturday 4/27:
  • Re-tree Planting: KAC 9:00AM

Let’s join forces as a community to make a positive impact and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. We can’t wait to see you there, ready to make a difference!

Submitted by: Genevieve Fontana, USA Sustainability President

Spring Student Ensembles Performances

Please join us as we celebrate the talents of our student ensembles! Here is the listing of upcoming concerts:

Jazz Ensemble, Russell Scarbrough director

Friday, April 26, 2024 7:30 PM  Montante Cultural Center

Chamber Orchestra, Ansgarius Aylward, director

Sunday, April 28, 2024 7:30 PM  Montante Cultural Center*

*A reception will follow this concert as we celebrate the Chamber Orchestra’s  25th Anniversary!

 Canisius University Chorale, Bradley Wingert, director

Monday, April 29, 2024 7:30 PM  Christ-the-King Chapel**

**Please note that this concert will be held in the the Chapel.

All of these concerts are free and open to the public. We are grateful for the support of our campus community for these concerts and all ArtsCanisius events and look forward to seeing you there! Please contact Yvonne Widenor, director of ArtsCanisius, at with any questions.

Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Art History and Music Programs, MLLC Department, Director and Studio Art Galleries Director, ArtsCanisius

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Don’t forget about the upcoming Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) events set for this Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 24.

T-shirts will be given away at the softball game on Tuesday.

Submitted by: Debbie Owens, Title IX Coordinator/Associate Dean of Students


Simple Ways to Help Bird Conservation

Did you know? Canisius alumnus Alex Sidare’s award-winning Honors thesis estimated that 700,000 to more than 2.5 million birds die annually in Western New York (WNY) alone from residential window collisions. When commercial buildings are included in estimates, this would at least double. Recent research suggests these numbers may be underestimates.

One of the ways that our community can be more bird-friendly is by taking part in the national Lights Out effort.

Adopting this practice here in WNY is particularly important as our region is a central place for migratory birds moving through our Niagara River Corridor Globally Significant Important Bird Area. In WNY, we have a particular responsibility for the impact of light pollution given our region’s history in being “The City of Light” – one of the first places to have electricity in the world! Light pollution doesn’t just harm birds either – it plays a huge role in our ecology! 

What can you do to help?

  1. Visit BirdCast (co-developed by Canisius alumnus Kyle Horton!) to see peak migration times when these actions are most important but consider adopting them year-round to protect our local birds as well as those visiting on their migration journey.
  2. Turn off all non-essential (don’t compromise safety) lights and close window blinds between 10:00 pm and dawn from April 15-May 31 and August 15-November 15.
  3. Encourage your communities to adopt these practices (here is a sample letter adapted from National Audubon’s resources – also see
  4. Keep outdoor cats inside at least during peak times of bird activity. We also call attention to the role of outdoor cats in bird mortality annually with a staggering estimate of 1-4 BILLION birds killed by cats in the U.S. alone each year. And like window collisions, this is likely an underestimate. Research also suggests that staying indoors is better for your cat’s health – read more at

What to do when you find:

Submitted by: Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Professor of Psychology