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Campus Candids

         Pictured above (l-r): I. Joan Lorch Award recipients Secil Erdogan Ertorer, PhD (Colleague Award), Hawa Saleh ’24 (Student Award), and Geo Hernandez ’17, ’19 (Community Organizer Award)

Women & Gender Studies hosted the annual I. Joan Lorch Celebration on Tuesday, March 28 in the Grupp Fireside Lounge.  The Dr. I. Joan Lorch Award for Women & Gender Studies honors individuals who have made a significant contributions to women, and who exemplify the pursuit of liberation and justice regarding sex, gender and sexuality.

   Pictured (above) attendees Erin Robinson, PhD; Community Award recipient Geo Hernandez; Tanya Loughead, PhD; and Richard Reitsma, PhD

Following an introduction from Tanya Loughead, PhD, professor of philosophy, and a blessing by Rev. Patrick J. Lynch, SJ, the following three outstanding award winners were recognized in their respective categories:   T

(1) Canisius Student Award: Hawa Saleh ’24, English, creative writing and history

(2) Canisius Colleague Award: Secil Erdogan Ertorer, PhD, associate professor, sociology

(3) Community Award: Geo Hernandez ’17, ’19, community organizer and activist

Submitted by: Tanya Loughead, PhD, professor, Philosophy

Cecelia Gotham Named Chief of Staff

President Steve K. Stoute has appointed Cecelia Gotham ’13, MS ’15, as chief of staff to the president. Currently director of Alumni Engagement, Cece will begin her new role on Monday, April 10, 2023.

The chief of staff serves as an advisor to the president and fulfills a key administrative role in advancing institutional initiatives and projects, including implementation of the college’s strategic plan. A member of the president’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the chief of staff assists in facilitating meetings of the SLT, oversees implementation of the communications strategy, and participates on critical internal committees, representing the president. The chief of staff also serves as secretary to the college’s Board of Trustees and the school corporation.

“Cece’s commitment to the mission of her alma mater, coupled with her experience at Canisius and elsewhere in higher education, make her a valuable addition to the SLT,” said President Stoute. “I look forward to working with Cece as we further advance the vision for Canisius and the work of the Board of Trustees and Office of the President.”

Cece began her career at Canisius as assistant director of Stewardship and Events in 2014. She then served as associate director of regional volunteers and programs at the University of Rochester, and as assistant director of donor relations at Fordham University. She returned to Canisius in 2022 to serve as director of Alumni Engagement.

Cece holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in communication and leadership, both from the college.

Submitted by: College Communications

Quick Tip

Do you often find yourself using images? Make them more accessible to students that are hard of seeing using Alternative Text (Alt-Text). Alt-Text is an extra piece of information, typically used to describe images on a web page. Screenreaders will find and use the alt-text to describe the image to the user.

In D2L, adding alt-text is part of the process of adding an image anywhere you can use the text editor.

General description of steps:

  1. Go to a Module or Course activity description, Quiz question, Discussion prompt, etc. Click on the image icon in the text editor toolbar.
  2. In the pop-up that appears, follow the on-screen prompts to find and upload the image that you want to use.
  3. The pop-up will update, giving you the choice of adding alt-text or declaring that the image is decorative only.
  4. When you are done adding your alt-text, click the OK button to add the image with your alt-text to the text area.

If you need more information, you can view COLI’s video on Adding Alt-Text to Images in D2L. This video has some additional tips when using alt text as well.

For more information on using D2L, take a look at the D2L Self-Paced Training for Faculty and Staff Wiki Page.

Meet the Musicians Recital -Canceled

Sadly, ArtsCanisius needs to cancel this recital on Monday April, 3, 2023. Please check back in at for a new recital day and time.

Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Art History Program, MLLC Department, Director and Studio Art Galleries Director, ArtsCanisius