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Chartwells’ next feedback survey is out. Foodie Feedback is another step in its ongoing process of understanding the needs and desires of Canisius guests and to continuously improve upon and cater our dining program to the students at Canisius College.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to take the survey by texting “FPVF” to 99299.

  • What is Foodie Feedback? Foodie Feedback is a survey that allows Chartwells to obtain honest feedback about individual campus dining locations so they can look at opportunities to make improvements. The survey is designed to be quick and easy to complete while on-the-go.
  • What will the survey measure? The Foodie Feedback surveys are location based surveys that ask how satisfied the guest is with a dining location. It also asks why the guest provided that rating and if they would recommend the location to a friend. The option to answer four additional questions is also provided.
  • How long will the survey take to complete? If only the first three questions are answered the survey can take less than one minute to complete. Completing all seven questions typically takes less than three minutes.
  • How will a student benefit by participating? This is a quick and simple opportunity for Chartwells to obtain feedback about a specific venue. The survey feedback can benefit the guest by helping to identify and prioritize areas that need work to improve those scores for a specific location.
  • Are responses confidential? Yes, Chartwells does not release individual data to anyone. Survey answers are entirely anonymous and all feedback is confidential.

If you have any questions, please contact Chartwells at

Submitted by: Sharif Hamdy, marketing manager, Chartwells