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On Tuesday, September 20, the Canisius College Raichle Pre-Law Center, the Bar Association of Erie County and the League of Women Voters of Buffalo Niagara presented the panel discussion “Dual Constitutionalism in America.” Panelists included:

  • Hon. Eugene F. Pigott Jr., NYS Court of Appeals
  • Christopher Bopst ’95, chief legal and financial officer, Sam-Son Logistics
  • Peter J. Galie, PhD, former director of the Raichle Pre-Law Center and professor emeritus of political science, Canisius College

The panelists examined the national Constitution from the perspective of New York State’s Constitution – how  the state constitution sheds light on our national constitution and vice versa. Given that the question of whether to hold a constitutional convention to revise the New York State Constitution will appear on the ballot in November 2017, a focus of the discussion included the respective models of the constitutional revision found in the two documents.

Submitted by: College Communications