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Each year during the month of November, the nation focuses on the contributions of Native Americans by celebrating their rich heritage while recognizing some of the issues they still face today. Attend the ALANA Student Center’s Soup with Substance program to take part in a discussion with Native American leader Al Parker and Hon. Magistrate Judge Hugh B. Scott on Monday, November 23, at noon in the Regis South Room. This program is free and open to the public.

Parker, of the Tonawanda Seneca Nation of the Heron Clan, is most recently known for his role in getting the Lancaster School Board to change their mascot from the controversial “R-word” to the Lancaster Legends. He will be sharing some of his experiences with our guest moderator Hon. Scott. Scott has served as the national co-chair of the formerly known National Conference for Community and Justice Committee on Native American Symbols and Icons.

Please be sure to join us. Free three sisters soup and strawberry-flavored water will be provided thanks to Chartwell’s Dining Services.

Submitted by: Therese B. Bass, assistant director, ALANA student center