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If you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 or a Macintosh computer with Mac OS 10.9 be sure to install the latest updates from Apple. These include a very important security update that could affect you when using your device in public spaces like coffee shops on open WiFi networks. If your device has not prompted you for an update, please check to see if it needs to be installed.

On an iOS device, open “Settings”, select “General” and then select “Software Update”. If your device is up to date, it will display iOS 7.0.6. It is recommended to plug your phone or iPad in while updating. It may take some time to complete. If you have iOS 6 or earlier installed you should not be affected but should keep your device as up to date as possible.

On a Macintosh, to determine the version of the OS you are running, select the Apple menu in the upper left corner and choose “About This Mac”. A window will appear indicating the version of the MacOS you are running. If it is MacOS 10.9 but not 10.9.2 click the “Software” update button in this window. Any available updates should appear as needed. Be sure to install any OS and security related updates. All updates in the App Store are delivered thru Apple and are safe to install. You may be required to restart your computer. When completed you can open the “About This Mac” window again and check the OS version to be sure it was updated.

As with any device, we recommend keeping your system up-to-date on a regular basis. If you require assistance please visit or call the ITS Help Desk. We would be happy to assist you.

Submitted by Scott Clark, computer support specialist, ITS