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The college’s annual New York State Fire Inspection is scheduled to take place April 2 Р13. In preparation for the inspection, please take note of the following items in your areas:

1. Are all fire doors kept closed?
– Fire doors must be kept closed.
– Door stops are NOT permitted.

2. Are hallways and stairways clear at all times and kept free of all clutter?
– Hallways and stairways must be clear and free of clutter.

3. Are all fire extinguishers visible with access that is clear and free of obstructions?
– Access to fire extinguishers must be clear and free of obstructions.

4. Are extension cords being used?
– All appliances must be plugged directly into outlets or power strips.
– Extension cords are NOT permitted.

5. Are cover plates missing at light switches and electrical outlets?
– All light switches and outlets must be protected with cover plates.

6. Are all ceiling tiles in place?
– Missing ceiling tiles must be replaced.

7. Have combustible materials accumulated in offices and storerooms?
– The accumulation of combustible materials in office and storerooms must be kept to a minimum.

8. Is there sufficient clearance beneath the ceiling in storage areas?
– In sprinklered rooms, 18-inches of clear space must be maintained between the ceiling and any obstruction.
– In unsprinklered rooms, 24-inches of clear space must be maintained between the ceiling and any obstruction.

9. Are candles being burned?
– Candles are NOT permitted, except in the Chapel.

Your assistance with keeping fire doors closed, maintaining clear hallways and stairways, eliminating extension cords, etc. is greatly appreciated. Work orders can be submitted to address building-related issues (missing ceilings tiles, electrical cover plates, etc.).

It is important to maintain a fire safe campus. If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact Tom Ciminelli in the Facilities Management Office at Ext. 8243. Thank you again for your assistance.

Submitted by: Tom Ciminelli, fire marshal, facilities management