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If you’ve noticed some new faces across campus, they’re likely one of the university’s six new faculty members.  The group joined the Canisius community at the start of the fall semester and now that they’re acclimated to campus, we thought it an apt time to introduce each of them, individually, in upcoming issues of The Dome.

Today, we say “welcome” to: Kayla Zimmer, PhD / Program Director – Literacy

Dr. Kayla Zimmer started in June as the Director of the Graduate Literacy program and teaching faculty at the University. She is a literacy specialist who studies student questioning; the science of literacy, learning and teaching; student engagement; and policy in education. In addition to over 25 years in higher education, she has been a 6-1-1 teacher for students with profound autism, a seventh-grade teacher assistant on native Seneca land, and a National Park Service ranger; she can talk passionately about all these amazing experiences. In her free time, she is an avid hiker, a reluctant gardener, an enthusiastic listener to local bands, and an adventurous cook and eater. To learn more about Dr. Zimmer, please visit

Submitted by: Jennifer Lodi-Smith, AVPAA