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For students, faculty, staff, and alumni:

There will be a trip to Cuba January 2-14.  Students can register for it, for 1-3 credits in the spring.  No prior knowledge of Spanish required.  Open to all.  Information in flyer.  This trip is culture/history based.

There will also be a short term program (4 1/2 weeks) in Mexico in May/June.  Can earn up to 6 credits.  No prior knowledge of Spanish required.  Additional credits may include toward global awareness, religious studies, etc.
This is also open to all faculty, students, staff, alumni.   This trip is focused on language classes, as well as cooking, dancing and cultural excursions.
Please contact Dr. Richard Reitsma for more information about either program at
Submitted by: Dr. Richard D. Reitsma, DMLLC