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If you’ve noticed some new faces across campus, they’re likely one of the university’s six new faculty members.  The group joined the Canisius community at the start of the fall semester and now that they’re acclimated to campus, we thought it an apt time to introduce each of them, individually, in upcoming issues of The Dome.

Today, we say “welcome” to:  Chirantana Mathkari, DVM, PhD / Assistant Professor, ABEC

Dr. Chirantana Mathkari is a veterinarian-turned-anthrozoologist, whose academic interests lie in examining human-animal interactions through the interdisciplinary lens of One Wellbeing. A certified University of Maryland Teaching and Learning Program practitioner, she enjoys utilizing her pedagogical skills to teach fundamental and advanced courses in anthrozoology and animal behavior. Throughout her career, Dr. Mathkari has worked with an array of animals including red footed tortoises, white tigers, Asian elephants, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, Japanese quail, cows, sheep, pigs and humans! Human’s treatment of an animal impacts not only the human’s wellbeing, but also that of the animal and the environment. Dr. Mathkari studies the human, animal and environmental aspects of conventional and non-conventional human-animal interactions. She utilizes behavioral, physiological, psychological, sociological, and pedagogical measures to analyze, evaluate and re-evaluate wellbeing scientifically. An ecofeminist at heart, Dr. Mathkari enjoys penning animal-centric short fiction and cooking healthy food for the homeless.

Submitted by: Jennifer Lodi-Smith, AVPAA