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If you’ve noticed some new faces across campus, they’re likely one of the university’s six new faculty members.  The group joined the Canisius community at the start of the fall semester and now that they’re acclimated to campus, we thought it an apt time to introduce each of them, individually, in upcoming issues of The Dome.

Today, we say “welcome” to:  Corey Damon, PhD / Assistant Professor, Chemistry &  Biochemistry

Dr. Damon is a member of the Biochemistry faculty who studies the settlement cues of marine fouling organisms, from biofilm formation to the attachment of macrofoulers such as barnacles. Understanding the structural biology of these fouling species aids in the synthesis of antifouling and fouling-release coatings using organically modified silanes, taking advantage of natural enzymatic processes and metabolism to prevent and/or shed organisms following attachment. Dr. Damon is also an avid distance runner and is interested in the effect of strenuous exercise on hematologic and biochemical parameters. He is also involved with the local Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (SCACS).

Submitted by: Jennifer Lodi-Smith, AVPAA