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Canisius in the News

The new Canisius University logo is receiving some well-deserved attention. The Buffalo News shared the mark with readers in its June 14 edition. The new logo is the first step in Canisius’ rebranding campaign, and will be followed by the unveiling of a new strategic plan. Click here to read The Buffalo News story.

Submitted by: College Communications

President Stoute Appointed to NCAA Committee

President Steve Stoute has been appointed to the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics. His appointment begins immediately and continues through August 31, 2024.

The mission of the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics is to provide leadership and assistance to the association in its efforts to provide equitable opportunities, fair treatment and respect for all women in all aspects of intercollegiate athletics. The committee seeks to expand and promote opportunities for female student-athletes, administrators, coaches and officiating personnel.

“We are fortunate to have President Stoute represent the conference on such a prestigious association-wide committee,” said Travis Tellitocci, commissioner of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. “Steve’s background as a Division I student-athlete and university president uniquely positions him to have an impact on the great work being done to continue the growth of women’s athletics.”

“I’m extremely honored to serve the NCAA membership on this committee, which is doing vitally important work to improve all aspects of intercollegiate athletics for women” said President Stoute. “My experience as a student-athlete shaped my life in profound ways and I look forward to contributing to the experience of the next generation of student-athletes.”

Submitted by:  College Communications


Chambers Receives Fellowship

The Society of the Cincinnati has awarded Thomas A. Chambers, PhD, the 2023 Tyree-Lamb Fellowship.

Chambers will spend one week in residence at the society’s American Revolution Institute Library in Washington, D.C. conducting primary source research. His current book project examines George Washington’s struggles to succeed in New York City and New York State, where the Father of His Country suffered some of his worst social and military defeats, as well as some of his greatest triumphs.

New York’s unique cultural, political, racial and economic context forced Washington to adapt his Virginia planter ways to the bustling, diverse and equalitarian future of the new republic. The Society of the Cincinnati, a fraternal organization of former Continental Army officers, played a crucial role in Washington’s success as the first president of the United States. New York City served as the nation’s capital from 1789-1790.

Click here for more information on The Society of the Cincinnati and its research program.

Chambers is dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and holds an appointment as a professor of history.

Submitted by: Tom Chambers, dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Physics Professor Poses Question to Washington Post

The Department of Data is a weekly article by Andrew Van Dam in The Washington Post.  Van Dam is business columnist for the paper and writes about the analysis of economic trends.  The Department of Data explores “overlooked and underappreciated data sets to unearth fresh insights that will surprise and delight readers — and maybe even challenge some long-held misconceptions.”  The topics are primarily submitted by readers to address questions like which birds are the biggest jerks at the feeder, is Prince George’s County, MD (a Washington, D.C. suburb) still the richest majority-Black county in America, how many people regret their college major, and more.  The data analyzed is generally from publicly-accessible sets like the U.S. Census Bureau.

Dr. Michael Wood, physics professor and chair of the Department of Quantitative Sciences at Canisius, recently had his question addressed by the Department of Data on June 16, 2023.  He asked if people tend to marry other people at the same academic degree level (PhD to PhD, MD to MD, etc.) as opposed to marrying “up” or “down” (high school diploma to Bachelor’s degree for example).  The article can be found here.

Data can answer many fun and important questions.  If you are interested in data science, Canisius has an undergraduate degree in data science, a master’s degree program in data analytics, and a master’s degree program in business analytics.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Wood at

Submitted by: Michael Wood, PhD, professor, Physics; chair, Department of Quantitative Sciences

BJ Kahng Awarded Senior Simons Professorship

Math is a universal language.  While not a spoken language, it brings together people from all over the world.  BJ Kahng, PhD, director of the mathematics program at Canisius, demonstrates this international aspect.  He has been awarded the Senior Simons Professorship by the Stefan Banach International Mathematics Center at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.  This position will allow Kahng to give a 6-hour mini lecture course on C*-Algebras of Classical and Quantum Groupiods during the Simons Semester (Operator Algebras That One Can See) to be held at the institute in Warsaw, Poland from July 13 – August 13, 2023.

In quantum mechanics, a physical observable (position, momentum, energy, etc.) are calculated by applying certain mathematical functions called operators to the wave function that describes the system.  A C*-algebra is an important tool to understand how these operators behave.

Congratulations to Dr. Kahng for this prestigious professorship.

Submitted by: Michael Wood, PhD, chair, Department of Quantitative Sciences