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Joshua Russell, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation and program director of the Anthrozoology graduate program was awarded a $4,000 research fellowship at North Carolina State University for summer 2022. The fellowship is named after Tom Regan, animal rights scholar and author of The Case for Animal Rights (1983). Supported by the Culture & Animals Foundation, recipients are granted access to NCSU’s Animal Rights Archive—the largest scholarly archive of animal rights collections in the country.

Russell’s project will focus on animal rights and humane education materials in the archives that are aimed at children as well as parents, families and educators. In particular, the research will emphasize the history of discourses around children’s moral responsibility to other animals through practices such as the keeping of companion animals, hunting and fishing, animal-based agriculture and husbandry and more. This historical context supports Russell’s long-term qualitative research project focusing on children’s experiences of animal death and loss.

The fellowship will also aid in providing historical grounding for Russell’s undergraduate and graduate coursework, including courses such as Introduction to Anthrozoology, Children and Animals, and Humane Education.

Submitted by: Joshua Russell, associate professor, Animal Behavior, Ecology & Conservation