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As the end of the academic year approaches, this is a reminder of the need to preserve all non-current records of departments, programs and administrative offices of Canisius College. The Rev. J. Clayton Murray, SJ, Archives at Bouwhuis Library is charged with preservation of the history of Canisius College. In order to do that, areas of the college must contribute documents, records and other materials that are covered by the College Retention Policy adopted May 08, 2012.

Before discarding documents no longer used, it is important to assess them for content of enduring significance. These are the records not needed for day-to-day administration of the office in which they originated that are of importance to the history of the college.

To discuss what materials are covered under this policy and to avoid loss of important records, please contact Kathleen De Laney, college achivist at 716-888-8421 or

A list of materials appropriate for transfer to the Archives can be found here on the Library’s website.

Please note, the Archives do not serve as the official records management program for the college in terms of financial, legal or operating material pertaining to student accounts, personnel or employment information. Those records are maintained by other departments as part of their daily business.

Find other policies, guidelines and forms governing Archives collection, care and use here. The guidelines provide tips about preparing documents for transfer to the Archives, including proper labeling of boxes or files.

Please do not send materials to the Archives without first contacting Kathleen De Laney at Ext. 8421 or

Submitted by: Kathleen De Laney, archivist