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The winners of the 2018-19 Canisius Big Physics Question are Josh Arnold, first place, Williamsville East High School, and Benjamin Zakes, second place, Medina High School. Arnold received a $100 gift card and a Canisius scholarship for $750. Zakes received a Canisius Scholarship for $500. He is a student of alumna Sara Rund Cinquino ’13.

This year’s question was “Why does time only move forward and not backward?” You can read the student essays here.

College is a time set aside to attack the big questions. Physics is a study of the natural laws governing the universe and is loaded with big questions. What came before the Big Bang? What is Dark Matter? Why is ice slippery? The Canisius Big Physics Question is a contest for high school students to answer a big question related to physics.

The 2019-20 question will be announced in September 2019.

Submitted by: Michael Wood, chair, Physics