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On Friday, March 27 another password expiration notice Email will be sent to those whose password will expire by April 7. If you received an Email on March 6 and have reset your password, you will not receive this reminder notice. If you have not reset your password and received the mail on March 6, you will receive a similar Email reminder noting that it is 10 days until your password will expire and must be reset.

Beginning April 7, the notices will be automated. Reminders will be sent at 30 and 20 days prior to password expiration. This will be followed by daily reminders from 14 days prior to your password expiration down to expiration. When you reset your password, the new expiration is 180 days from that date, also ceasing reminder messages.

The password reset requirement is in accordance with the password reset policy, which went into effect in October 2014.

Guidelines for resetting you password were posted in The Dome on March 9, or you can contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance if needed.

For password creation tips, check the campus wiki link at:

Remember to update any handheld devices (cell phones, iPad/tablet devices, etc) with your new password.

Submitted by: Alan Weitzsacker, system administrator, ITS