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Campus Candids

The Pre-Game Party Cookie Premonition Comes True!  Thanks Roger Herle and Chartwells!

Photo by Ashley Wallace ’14, event supervisor, Office of Event Management

Submitted by:  Michael Odojewski, assistant event coordinator, Office of Event Management

Canisius Presents “Healthy Me” Program

Canisius, in conjunction with Independent Health, is excited to present: “Healthy Me.”

This eight-week program is a self-driven program, designed to give you the accountability and resources needed to successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the program, you will learn to incorporate specific strategies to create positive lifestyle changes.

Participating in the program is free, and the first step is attending the initial individual consultation to receive your “Healthy Me” Kit. The initial individual consultation takes approximately 10-15 minutes and consists of obtaining your weight and height. A health coach will also be onsite to help with meal planning, nutrition guidance/education, weight loss, physical activity, smoking cessation, stress management, and managing disease specific conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, etc.). Health coaches are available year round through Independent Health.

After registering with Independent Health, you will receive weekly emails with tips to help you stay motivated, as well as a four-week meal plan. You will also have the option to meet with the GrifFit graduate assistant, Catherine Havener, once a week on campus or via email. Catherine is a certified athletic trainer currently pursuing a master’s degree in Health and Human Performance at Canisius.

A representative from Independent Health will return at 4 weeks to weigh participants and review progress, and again at 8 weeks for a final weigh-in.

The initial consultation will take place on January 28 and 29 from 11a.m. to 1p.m. in the Student Center Conference room. If you would like to participate but are unable to attend the initial weigh-in, please contact Catherine Havener at

All faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to participate. Participation in the “Healthy Me” program is a metric that Independent Health utilizes to determine the college’s final medical insurance premiums.

Submitted by: Dawn Rotterman, human resource associate, Human Resources

Meet-the-Faculty Art History Lecture Features Claire Kovacs, PhD

ArtsCanisius presents a Meet-the-Faculty lecture by Claire Kovacs, PhD, assistant professor of art history, on Monday, January 27 at noon in the Regis Room.  The lecture, entitled “Telemaco Signorini, a Tuscan-Parisian Conduit,” is free and open to the public.

Dr. Kovacs is an expert on nineteenth-century European art, and will consider the career of Florentine painter Telemaco Signorini as an example of an Italian artist who was not only dealing with the recent shift of the capital of the art world to Paris, but was also struggling to define himself and his art within the newly-formed nation of Italy.

For more information, please visit or call the Fine Arts Office at Ext. 2542.

Submitted by: Ellen Barnum, ArtsCanisius codirector

Project Management Applied Course Open to Campus Employees Free of Charge

Canisius Center for Professional Development is running a Project Management Applied course starting February 28, 2014. Canisius faculty and staff can participate in the course free of charge. Visit for more information on the program and call the center at Ext. 8490 to register.

Submitted by: Stephanie Cattarin, executive director, Center for Professional Development