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On Thursday, November 7 the Canisius College community welcomes more than 350 high school students and their advisers for the 35th annual High School Model United Nations Conference. High school delegates represent the countries of the world in simulated diplomatic sessions that approximate the deliberations of United Nations (UN) councils and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The delegates prepare research on their countries and on vital international issues that they will debate in one of six concurrent sessions of the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council and the OIC. Contemporary sessions deal with issues arising from the crisis in Syria, among others. A historic simulation of the Security Council, set in 1974, confronts the Turkish military intervention in Cyprus and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) bombings in London.

Delegates are challenged to negotiate peaceful solutions to problems and to encourage international cooperation on controversial issues. Each session involves between 40 and 100 high school delegates and is moderated by Canisius College student volunteers, who also adjudicate the proceedings and recognize outstanding delegations with awards.

The conference is organized by the International Relations Program at Canisius College, home to the multidisciplinary international relations major, which requires study in history, political science, modern languages and cultures, and international business, along with international educational experience and cultivation of skill sets in research, writing, foreign language, and cross-cultural analysis.

Please join us in creating a welcoming atmosphere for our honored guests!

Submitted by:  Jonathan M. DiCicco, associate professor of political science, director of International Relations Program