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Canisius in the News

The Buffalo News interviewed Julianna Golebiewski, PhD, for a January 20 article titled “The Divergent Signs on the State of the Buffalo Niagara Job Market.” In it, the associate professor of economics and finance discusses the reasons why the health of the local job market often depends on where you look. Click here to read the story.

Submitted by: University Communications

Reimagining Old Main

Thank you to all the Canisius faculty, staff and students who attended this week’s open forums dedicated to reimagining Old Main as an innovative and engaging academic hub. The enthusiasm, feedback and ensuing dialogue will be a critical component as the vision of a transformed academic space takes shape.

For those unable to attend, the forums included the conceptual renderings (seen here) of renovated spaces and furniture samples to provide a tangible sense of the enhanced learning environment Canisius aims to create. In the coming days, Canisius will distribute a survey to the campus community to gather even more feedback.

The first phase of the renovations is planned to start in Old Main this summer, beginning with some of the classrooms on the second floor.  Upgrades on subsequent floors will be completed in phases throughout subsequent summers.

Submitted by: University Communications

ALANA Student Center Meet & Greet

The ALANA Student Center invites the entire campus community to its spring 2024 Meet & Greet event on Thursday, January 27 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Come learn about the programs and events planned for the semester. Refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions or concerns, please Email

Submitted by: Bennie D. Williams, Assistant Dean of Students, ALANA Student Center

New Collection of eBooks at Bouwhuis Library

Through the support of the Physician Assistant (PA) Studies program and generously funded by a grant from Interfaith America (IA), a new collection of eBooks offers perspectives on the intersection of faith, spirituality and healing. This collection was selected thanks to the generous guidance of Jonathan Lawrence, Shyam Sriram and Ryan Grimmer using a portion of the recent IFA grant awarded to the PA program for use in developing programs that merge health and faith. In addition to this collection, the PA program held a panel discussion with faith leaders of many denominations in the area to speak specifically about faith, spirituality and end-of-life care.

Click here to view the full collection.

We hope the broad campus community will enjoy the addition of these free resources and consider sharing them with your students.

Submitted by: Dr. Aimee Larson, Program Director, PA Studies

Canines on Campus

Will your dog be the next Canisius Canine graduate? The Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation Department is hosting a dog training program this semester as part of the Applied Dog Behavior course (ABEC 320/320L), taught by Dr. Maura Tyrrell.

We are looking for faculty or staff members who are interested in bringing their dogs to campus to participate in this nine-week training program (Feb 22-May 2). The aim of the program is for students to learn to create individualized dog training plans and to gain hands-on experience in training basic manners and life skills that contribute to a harmonious existence between dogs and their human family.

Depending on the dog’s needs and previous training experience, training may involve learning or refreshing basic cues (e.g. leave it, come, heel, place, etc.), nosework, and/or training exercises to improve focus and emotional regulation. All training exercises use force-free, positive reinforcement techniques. Dogs selected for the program must be friendly toward humans and able to be around other dogs since the training will take place in a group class setting.

Training sessions will take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at approximately 1-2:20pm from February 22 – May 2 in the Animal Behavior Lab in Science Hall. The students in the Applied Dog Behavior class will be the primary handlers during training sessions, under the instruction of Dr. Tyrrell. Owners are not required to stay during the training sessions (owners may drop off their dog for training and pick them up afterwards). The students will provide owners with detailed instructions about how to continue training at home.

If you are interested in this free training opportunity, please fill out this application. Dogs selected for the program must be up to date on their vaccinations and pass an in-person behavior evaluation. Applications will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact Maura Tyrrell at to learn more about the program.

Submitted by: Maura Tyrrell, Experiential Learning Coordinator, ABEC