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PAs for Breast Cancer Awareness

Faculty and students from the PA program dressed in pink this week in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Did you know breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the U.S. other than skin cancers? About one in three new cancer diagnoses in women each year are breast cancer, and about one in eight women will get breast cancer during their lives. Please make time to have your appropriate screenings and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Submitted by: Aimee Larson, program director, PA Studies

PA Program Hosts Health Equity Week

Health Equity Week is an annual week-long event run by the Canisius College Physician Assistant Studies Program that focuses on raising awareness of the health disparities that exist across racial, ethnic, cultural and social groups. Health Equity Week uses a variety of interactive and innovative events to inform and inspire the actions needed to eradicate such health inequities.

Each day during the week of October 3  – 7, students in the Canisius Physician Assistant Studies Program will be organizing and participating in varying service events throughout the community. We welcome you to join us in these events, donate to associated causes, or support us along our journey. The Health Equity Week schedule is listed in the link below:

We hope you will join us in support of these awesome organizations. If you have any questions or would like to offer additional organizations who need support, please feel free to Email

Submitted by: Aimee Larson, Program Director, PA Studies

“Did You Know?”

Did you know that Canisius College formed what was originally known as the Bias Response Team (BRT) in March 2020? 

This team was initially tasked with creating ways to support our students, faculty and staff through investigation of incidents related to bias and discrimination. The team began by defining its mission and reviewing the community standards in place at that time to finds ways to reduce incidents of bias and discrimination. Over time, the team realized that the community would benefit equally from having resources available, including speakers, publications and other events that would raise awareness and promote a healthier, safer and more inclusive community. The name was officially changed to the Bias Resource and Response Team (BRRT) later that year, and it continues  to develop through monthly meetings, resource publication and events such as “Canisius Conversations”.

Stay tuned for your monthly “Did You Know” series supported by your BRRT. If you are interested in participating on the team or would like more information, please Email Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson,  associate dean of diversity and inclusion, at  &

Submitted by: Aimee Larson, director, Physician Assistant Studies



Canisius College Faculty Receive Grants from the Interfaith Youth Core

Two Canisius College faculty members have received grants from the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) for curricular and program development:

Dr. Aimee Larson, chair and program director for Physician Assistant Studies received a $4,000 grant for developing collaboration of religious diversity and health on campus. This is Dr. Larson’s first collaboration with the IFYC.

Rev. Dr. Jonathan D. Lawrence received a “Racial Equity and Interfaith Cooperation Curriculum Award” to support the development of an Honors College seminar on “Bible and Power,” which will be offered in Fall 2022.

The Interfaith Youth Core is a national non-profit working towards an America where people of different faiths, worldviews and traditions can bridge differences and find common values to build a shared life together.  (

Dr. Lawrence took students to an IFYC program in January 2012 and has been involved in several faculty programs since then.

Submitted by: Aimee Larson, DMSc, PA-C, program director, Physician Assistant Studies


Annual Physician Assistant Appreciation Week

The Canisius College Physician Assistant (PA) Studies program is proud to celebrate PA Appreciation Week. This is a nationally recognized week of acknowledgment and celebration for the profession, and a time when we like to educate our communities about our role in healthcare and well-being on a global scale. 

Did you know that PAs have more than 400 million patient interactions each year and at least 91 percent of patients feel PAs improve healthcare outcomes? 

Also, did you know PAs perform thousands of hours of medical training, which does not stop once they graduate from school? 

To learn more, stop by the Science Hall atrium this Thursday and Friday for more information and a treat!

Submitted by: Aimee Larson, DMSc, PA-C, program director, Physician Assistant Studies