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In the latest episode of the Pedagogy Primer Podcast, Jonathan Lawrence, PhD, associate professor of religious studies, is joined by recent Canisius graduates Mylan Hawkins and Abby Bradley to discuss the use of historical simulation games in their recent classes.  Lawrence uses Reacting to the Past series games to teach concepts in the study of world religions, as well as critical analysis skills common across the liberal arts.  He has written a game focused on Jesuit history, appropriate at Canisius College but also any course where perspectives on religion intersect with social class and political institutions.

Hawkins and Bradley provide valuable student perspectives: it is fun to learn this way, but it was also challenging.  Game-based learning makes rigorous demands on students’ research, analysis, and presentations skills, as well as creativity, emotional intelligence and collegiality.  At the same time, it compels students to consider the relationship between their cultures and experiences in the present, and people’s problems and choices in the past.  Along the way, they encountered plenty of surprises, too!