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Canisius will be transitioning from its college-wide site licensed contract with SPSS to an individual licensing approach.

College-wide access to these programs will conclude on October 31, 2023 at the end of our existing contract. Moving forward, access to SPSS will be available using individual licenses.

The decision to change our licensing approach to SPSS will save the college money, improve the workplace and scholarly readiness of our students, create more equitable access to data science tools for our community, and recognizes changes in institutional usage of data analytic tools.

Please know that:

  • Individual needs: Individual faculty, departments, and programs in need of SPSS or any other software can work with ITS and their dean to purchase individual licenses as necessary for the continuity of scholarship and/or specific pedagogical needs. Please communicate your needs ASAP so we can work to ensure the continuity of your access to the software you need. Individual licenses for faculty/staff are currently $259.99/year with student leases ranging from $35/4-months & $90/year.
  • Training: The Center for Online Learning and Innovation along with the IMPACT Center for Research, Innovation, and Scholarship and the Canisius Center for Analytics and Data Ecosystems will continue to provide opportunities for in person training, asynchronous resources, and personalized support in data analytics. Please stay tuned to your email and The Dome for announcements of these and other development opportunities.
  • Coursework: The college offers numerous courses in data analytics that, like all Canisius courses, faculty can take at no cost. Undergraduate Data ScienceMasters Data Analytics

If you would like to talk to someone one-on-one to discuss this potential change to SPSS on campus, please contact Jenn Lodi-Smith, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, at, or the ITS Help Desk, at

Submitted by: Amy Beiter, curriculum and student support project associate, Academic Affairs