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You may have received emails in the past from students questioning a grade they got for a quiz. Or maybe you want students to be able to refer back to those quiz questions for future study. Whatever your motivation, editing the submission view in D2L will be helpful in this regard. The submission view is used by D2L to provide a nice informational web page to your students when they submit their quiz. By default, they get a quick message saying that they have successfully submitted their quiz and gives them some other miscellaneous information like the date and time of the submission.

However, when you edit the submission view, you can customize nearly everything that students see when they submit their quiz. You can change, for example, the message and provide a bit more of a personal touch, whether or not to show their overall score, the questions they got wrong, the ones they got right, both, share the answer to the questions with them, and so on. Take a look at this video here if you are interested in learning how the submission view works and how to edit it. Click here to go to the self-paced tutorials page provided by COLI.