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Trivia Wednesday

The campus community is invited to watch The Dome for special “Trivia Wednesdays,” which will be published throughout the school year in every Wednesday edition. The first person to respond to with the correct answer will win Canisius “swag.”

Additionally, once a month on Wednesdays, there will be a special giveaway in which the winner will receive some of the newly-designed Canisius sesquicentennial gear.

Winners will be announced the following Wednesday of each week along with the correct trivia answer.

This week’s giveaway question is:

What Canisius event drew nearly 80,000 people to the Main Street campus in 1923?

(a) Commencement

(b) Presidential Inauguration

(c) Blessing of the Koessler Athletic Center

(d) The Passion Play

Mark Piatkowski, associate director, Student Life

Congratulations to Mark Piatkowski, associate director of student life, who was last week’s Trivia Wednesday winner! Mark will receive some Canisius swag once the college returns to normal operations.

Last week’s Trivia Wednesday question was:

The rose window over the main entrance of Christ the King Chapel features the figure of Christ the King in the center. Twelve petals radiate out from the center. What do they represent?

a) the 12 months of the year

(b) the 12 Apostles

(c) the power and authority of God

(d) Scriptural numeral

The correct answer was: (b) the 12 Apostles

Submitted by: College Communications

The Dome Switches to Summer Schedule

Starting Tuesday, May 19, The Dome will publish every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer, until the first week of classes for the fall semester. At that time, The Dome will then return to its regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.

The deadline for summer submissions is 2:00 p.m. on the Monday and Wednesday before publication.

Submitted by: College Communications

Graduates Commit to Year of Service

Seven members of the Canisius College Class of 2020 have committed to a year of post-graduate service work. The students will dedicate the coming year to living simply, working for social justice and serving those who live on the margins of society, with such organizations as AmeriCorps and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corp assists in education, advocacy and direct and community service for low-wage earners, homeless, unemployed, refugees, street youth, former gang members, the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, and others who strive to find justice in their lives.

AmeriCorps tutors and mentors disadvantaged youth; fights illiteracy; helps build affordable housing; works to improve health services; manages or operates after-school programs; and helps communities respond to disasters.

Those Canisius graduates who have committed to a year of service are:

  • Madeline Beaulieu, a biology major.  Beaulieu will devote a year of service to the Loretto Volunteer Program and assist at the Women’s Bean Project in Denver, CO.
  • Henry Burton, a biology major.  Burton will devote a year of service to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, helping at St. Katharine Drexel Academy in San Diego, CA.
  • Ashley Dittrich, a biology major. Dittrich will complete her year of service with AmeriCorps, volunteering at the National Civilian Community Corps in Aurora, CO.
  • Rachel Joachimi, a Spanish major.  Joachimi will complete a year of service with AmeriCorps, assisting at Posada Esperanza in Austin, TX.
  • Hanna Kralles, a chemistry major.  Kralles will complete her year of service with the AmeriCorps Health Corps Team, volunteering at the Washington AIDS Partnership in Washington, D.C.
  • Simon Pratt, a biology major.  Pratt will devote a year of service to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, assisting at the Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington in Washington, D.C.
  • Wesley Rider, an economics major.  Rider will complete his year of service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, helping at the organization Back on My Feet, in Los Angeles, CA. 

Submitted by: College Communications

Online Zoom Recordings to be Deleted

Those who use Zoom for web conferencing, meetings and courses frequently make recordings of their online sessions. Canisius’ Zoom license has a limit to total online storage for all users. Periodically, the Zoom administrators at Canisius must delete old videos within the Zoom account. In most cases, videos still stored in Zoom accounts are no longer in use or haven’t been viewed recently.

After Wednesday, May 20, videos stored within Zoom recorded before Wednesday, January 1, 2020 will be deleted.

If you have videos stored in Zoom that you continue to use in coursework or administrative work, please download and transfer them to your Canisius Google Drive by Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, director, COLI