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Today’s food industry is evolving rapidly as traditional business paradigms are replaced with sophisticated technology and techniques to determine demand and potential customers. To keep pace with these new trends, Canisius College is partnering with its Jesuit counterpart Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, to introduce a new MBA in food marketing in fall 2019.

St. Joseph’s University’s Food Marketing Program is one of the best in the world and its graduates are often among the first to be recruited by Western New York’s most successful food companies. 

“The food and beverage industry here is expanding exponentially,” she says. “This new partnership will enable our regional firms, such as Rich Products, Delaware North, Wegmans, Lactalis and Perry’s, to recruit and retain local talent who have the specialized skillset they crave but also come equipped with a Canisius MBA, which educates students into ethical, socially responsible leaders able to compete in a global marketplace.”

The MBA in food marketing teaches students to think strategically as food delivery options, customer expectations and regulatory considerations continue to evolve throughout the industry. Specialized coursework includes food marketing research, consumer behavior, multicultural and international food marketing, sustainability and consumer well-being, among others.

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Submitted by: College Communications