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If you were unable to attend President John Hurley’s Town Hall Meeting on February 14, you can read the recap below.

President Hurley opened the Town Hall with wishes for the campus community to enjoy a Lenten season filled with happiness and spiritual reflection.

He provided an update about Peg McCarthy, PhD, vice president for academic affairs, who underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.  Dr. McCarthy will return to work in 4 – 6 weeks.

President Hurley offered an update on new programs, including the master’s program in data analytics.  He indicated that there is significant interest in a part-time program for working adults. The college will now offer both a full-time and part-time program.  The president thanked H. David Sheets, PhD, who will serve as director, for his work establishing the program.  He also noted that the college is in the process of hiring a director to lead and develop a physician assistant master’s program. There is significant market growth and interest in this field, and this program represents an important step for the college in entering the allied heath professions.

Capital improvements on campus include renovations to the lower level of the library, providing comfortable, quiet study space for students.  New drapes in the Grupp Fireside Lounge help control the room’s lighting, and a new soft-serve ice cream machine has been installed in the cafeteria.

Regarding enrollment, President Hurley noted that applications are down due in part to a change in search vendors, which has led to fewer but more serious applicants.  The college also continues to experience the impact of the Excelsior Program. On the upside, he noted that students are visiting the campus at a higher rate and applications are strong in Erie County due to the promotion of the Excellence Within Reach Program.

President Hurley noted two important upcoming events: Accepted Students Day for Honors Students on March 4 and Accepted Students Day on March 18.

President Hurley said the results of the employee engagement survey have been tabulated, and the same process will begin for faculty. He emphasized that he and the vice presidents understand the frustration that some have expressed and the college is doing its best to address the concerns. The faculty survey is underway and the president said he will work constructively with the faculty and Faculty Senate on issues of engagement.

President Hurley closed by acknowledging the wonderful work and dedication faculty and staff bring to their positions every day to make the student experience positive and rewarding.

Submitted by: College Communications