Did you know that the lamps in classroom video projectors have a finite life span? Did you know that they cost between $99 and $400 (depending on the projector model) to replace?  And did you know that when “standby” or “A/V Mute” is selected, the projector lamp is still being used?

In order for the college to maximize the value of these video projector lamps across campus, the Media Center is asking members of the community who use these tools, to shut down the projectors at the end of each class.

If you need information on how to shut down a projector in a particular room or how to use the document camera, play a DVD or hook up your laptop to the projector, simply:

  • Log on to the canisius.edu portal
  • Click on “Campus Services” in the launchpad to open its drop-down menu
  • Click on “What is in My Classroom?”
  • (You can use the “Select Classroom” option to find valuable information on how to operate the technology in each classroom on campus.)

If you need a demonstration of a particular feature in a classroom, contact the Media Center at Ext. 2590 and a link will be posted on the portal page to a video showing how to use the feature of the particular room in which you’re interested.

Submitted by: Erik Michaelsen, instructional media technician, Media Center