After a lot of hard work, editing, writing, and organizing, my new book Queer Ecopedagogies¬†is now out. It features 11 chapters by authors from around the world, including an Introduction and Revisited Work written by me as well as a new chapter by myself and two students. I’m extremely proud of this book, and as per the description:¬†

This volume builds on the momentum surrounding queer work within environmental education, while also encouraging new connections between environmental education research and the growing bodies of literature dedicated to queer deconstructions of categories such as nature, environment, and animal. The book is composed of submissions that engage with existing literature from queer ecology, queer theory, and various explorations of sexuality and gender within the context of human-animal-nature relationships. The book deepens and diversifies environmental education by providing new theoretical and methodological insights for scholarship and practice across a variety of educational contexts. Queer ecopedagogies provide important critical points of view for educators who seek broader goals centred around social and ecological justice by encouraging counter-hegemonic views of bodies, nature, and community. The scope of this book is multi- or interdisciplinary in order to cast a wide net around what kinds of spaces, relationships, and practices are considered educational, pedagogical, or curricular. The volume includes chapters that are conceptual, theoretical, and empirical.