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Hello!  Research among our two teams is ongoing, and we have a few updates:

Zoo Education Research:

  • Jo is continuing to organize and disseminate surveys to docents, staff, and visitors looking for ideas, interests, and learning activities at the Zoo, with a particular focus on conservation goals and outcomes.  Our docent survey was filled out by over 70 zoo docents!
  • Lauren continues to visit the Zoo pre-school once a week to observe 3 and 4-year-olds as they play, learn, and meet animals in their classroom and around the Zoo.  She will be presenting her research at Ignatian Scholarship Day here on campus!

Hunting and Fishing Research:

  • Chanel and Alex both continue transcription and phenomenological analysis of interviews with children and teenagers who hunt and fish, with up to 12 interviews currently conducted.
  • Nick Morelli is currently working on a content analysis of online hunter education materials, looking at key states (New York, Texas, and California) as representative of a range of geographical locations and demographics
  • Lindsey is compiling YouTube and social media videos portraying children and teenagers during a hunting or fishing excursion and will begin coding those videos qualitatively around themes related to emotion, embodiment, scientific knowledge, and ethics of behavior
  • Two new team members, Carter & Samm are currently learning research protocols and/or helping with recruitment and the development of a Facebook page (link coming soon!)