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The Canisius University Wiki, a long-time host for policy and procedural documents, is getting a new look and feel as it moves to the Atlassian Cloud Platform. This is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, and will bring some improvements, but also some temporary disruptions.

  • If you own or maintain wiki pages, please check them on or after February 28th for broken links, missing content, or other possible concerns. Email if you require assistance.
  • In general, the next two weeks would be a good time to look for outdated pages, page content (including links), page permissions and especially file attachments.
  • Since the wiki must use different web addresses, links on web pages and spaces across the university will need updated, and some may be broken until fixed. Please be patient, and report broken links to
  • To an extent possible, all old wiki pages will redirect to the new wiki’s home page. There, users can navigate to the things they need.
  • Links to wiki pages within old emails, news, and social media posts will expire and will not work. Please watch for new links, or go to the wiki using the MyCanisius Portal. The Wiki can be found on the righthand side of the MyCanisius portal:
  • If you send emails using boilerplate mail text that points to wiki spaces, your boilerplate text will need to be updated.
  • If you own or maintain wiki pages that you know are linked on the main Canisius site, in Google Sites, or in any other location, those links will need to be updated after February 28.

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, COLI