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Employee of Distinction

Nominate a co-worker for a job well done for the month of May by completing the Employee of Distinction nomination form here. Please have all submissions completed no later than the end of the day on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

The Employee of Distinction program provides an excellent opportunity to show appreciation and support for co-workers and to reward them for all they do. The application will request an explanation as to why a candidate is worthy of the award. A list of factors to consider when submitting a nomination include the nominee’s history of accomplishments, level of determination, motivation, and interpersonal skills.

The information provided in the application will be used to make a fair and objective selection. Upon supervisor approval, the Employee Engagement Team reviews all nominations and votes each month.

Once a decision is made for May, the Employee of Distinction will be featured in The Dome.  Contact Lynn Incardona in the Human Resources Department at Ext. 2240 with any questions.

Submitted by: Lynn Incardona, associate, Human Resources

Mission in Curriculum

Click here to watch the Mission in Curriculum: Introduction video.

Several Canisius College faculty have begun a resource called Mission-in-Curriculum, which offers Canisius instructors opportunities to incorporate the College’s Jesuit mission and identity into their courses.

This website is a growing collection of case-studies, describing how different professors have tied their disciplinary content and activities to Catholic social teaching, the Catholic intellectual tradition, and various aspects of Jesuit pedagogy and spirituality. This is not an evangelical effort; rather, it grounds what we teach, across our disciplines, in social, cultural, and intellectual structures that are characteristic of Jesuit Higher Education. It is what we do that most other colleges and universities do not do.

Periodically, check back to this resource and see the new case studies that have been added.  Also, visit the separate sections on Jesuit Higher Education, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition to see and hear concise descriptions of what these offer. We envision this as a living, growing resource, so we anticipate making improvements and additions based on faculty needs. Feedback is most welcome.

Likely, you are already doing something in your classes that connect with these concepts, and may need to only identify them to students (which can help them grasp how their Canisius Jesuit education benefits them on various levels.) If you can share what you are doing, COLI offers an honorarium and assistance in developing a case study of your own, to be published on this site.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

During National Mental Health Awareness Month in May and every month of the year, your mental health matters.  Challenge yourself to examine your world and how it can affect your overall health.  Look around, look within- from your neighborhood to genetics, many factors come into play when it comes to your mental health.

Submitted by: Dawn Rotterman, Benefits/HRIS Manager, Human Resources

COLI’s End-of-Semester Checklist

It’s coming up to the end of the semester again. Here are some actions you should take by the week after grades are due:

View the COLI Checklist page, which has further resources. Below is a quick overview of the End of Semester Checklist:

COLI Quick Tip

This summer, take the time to clean up your computer desktop! Organizing your desktop will let you find files that are weeks if not months old quickly and easily.

Take a look at the video below:

The above video goes through organizing your Windows (or even a Mac) Desktop. You can sort files alphabetically and organize files into folders. Try it today and see how much time you can save!