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On Thursday afternoon, the Strategic Planning and Prioritization Committee held a forum in which we presented the draft of the strategic pillars and some bulleted objectives for each.  We also presented several cross-cutting themes that exist within each pillar that you won’t see explicitly referenced. These include Jesuit mission; Diversity, equity, and inclusion; Athletics as a vehicle for education, campus culture, engagement, enrollment; Sustainability–both environmental and institutional; Enrollment and retention; and Financial stability and resources (grants, fundraising, scholarships, etc.). We then asked attendees to provide feedback  on our pillars and objectives.

For anyone who could not attend, we wanted to provide the opportunity to contribute at this stage of the process by commenting on our draft pillars and some objectives.  We have created a survey to collect objectives from any member of the community.  The survey is available at  Responses are completely anonymous, so the survey is limited to the Canisius community (please note that you are required be logged into your google drive through Canisius).  The survey will remain open through 5pm on Wednesday,  March 8th.

Thank you for considering contributing.

Chair: Sara Morris, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Vice-Chair: Ron Haberer, Controller

Vice-Chair: Joshua Russell, Associate Professor, ABEC

Tim Balkin, Vice President for Business and Finance

Jim Goldstein, Associate Professor, Accounting

Amo Kubeyinje, Director of Graduate Admissions

Aimee Larson, Clinical Assistant Professor and Chair, Physician Assistant Studies

Jonathan Lawrence, Associate Professor, Religious Studies and Theology (Faculty Senate Chair)

Lisa Liotta, Senior Associate Athletics Director

Tanya Loughead, Professor, Philosophy

Sandy Miller, Director of Government and Foundation Relations

Linda Walleshauser, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Bennie Williams, Assistant Dean and Director of the Multicultural Student Center

Liaison: Erica Sammarco, Associate Vice President and Assistant to the President

Liaison: Lauren Young, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Submitted by: Amy Beiter, curriculum and student support project associate, Academic Affairs