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As faculty and staff start to return to campus, you may notice that there is a new printer/copier in your department.  All of the campus Xerox devices have been replaced. None of the HP printers were affected. Those will remain unchanged. If your printer has not yet been changed, it will happen before July 3. ITS and ComDoc are running a little behind in the rollout and there are a few devices not installed or configured yet. If you can swipe your ID card and see your print jobs sent to MyColor or MyGrayscale FollowMe print queues, then the device is set up and ready to go.

We will be performing some testing at each device and cleaning up cables during the week of June 29. If you previously had any extra features like extra paper trays or envelope specific trays, those will be arriving soon. The new devices were scaled and sized according to your typical use so you may see some feature changes but overall all the features are still available in most cases. In areas where color printing was not heavily used, we have scaled back but everyone can still print to any of the color devices in public spaces same as before.

We are working on updating all of the printer documentation in the Canisius Wiki.

Check back for updates in the Wiki. We will be adding training materials, tutorial videos and user manuals for all the new devices.

All users will now be using the MyColor and MyGrayscale print queues. There are many reasons for this change including safe handling of papers during the COVID pandemic, needs to increase accountability, security, HIPAA and FERPA concerns and to make our campus more environmentally friendly. The new devices will no longer directly release print jobs. You will need to swipe your ID card and select the print jobs you want to release. To do this most users have already switched to using this Follow-Me queues (MyColor & MyGrayscale). Once you print to those queues, you can go to any of the over 100 devices on campus and get your printouts. They are held on the servers for 24 hours if you cannot print them right away. Banner printing will still directly print for now. Be sure not to leave these items on the printers for extended periods of time.

As part of new campus initiatives, all users will need their ID cards for printing, building access and identification while on campus. You will be required to carry it whenever you are on campus.  The college will be providing Canisius-branded lanyards to everyone if you choose to use one. You can pick yours up at the ITS Help Desk. You may also prefer to purchase your own retractable ID card holder. These are available on Amazon and other retail locations. You may need a hole in your ID card because of this. ITS will provide guidance on how to do this yourself in the Wiki soon so the magnetic stripe on the back is not damaged. You can also stop by the ITS Help Desk and we can do it for you. If you do not have an ID card or yours is not working, you can always get a new one at the Public Safety dispatch office in the lower level of Bosch Hall. Please note that for security reasons only one ID card can function at a time.  If you get a replacement card, your old one will no longer function.

Student copy card policy is not changing but is going to be more strictly monitored. These generic department ID cards were never meant to be left on the copiers as a convenience option to copying and scanning. As the new devices were installed, in some cases, copy cards were found unattended in offices. These cards were returned to ITS. There is a loss of accountability and the appearance is that your student workers are printing thousands of copies a month. Individual users must use their own ID cards for their print and scanning needs. These cards are only to be used for student workers in the department that need to print as part of the job function so it does not count against their student print quota. More information about this policy is available in the Wiki here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the ITS Help Desk at, call 888-8340 or visit

Submitted by: Scott Clark, director, User Services/ITS