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Promoting a Safer, More Sustainable Environment on Campus

As the campus prepares to reopen, there will be some changes implemented to make progress on the college’s Sustainability Plan and also enable the campus to maintain a clean, safe environment. Starting this summer, we will introduce a new process for the collection of waste on campus. Changes include the following:

  • Trash cans will be removed from all classrooms and offices.
  • Plastic liners will no longer be used or supplied for the collection of recyclables.
  • Receptacles for the collection of trash and recyclables will be centrally located in the corridors.
  • All trash and recyclables need to be deposited at the collection points.

The facilities staff will monitor and empty the receptacles as necessary. Please note that it is very important to separate trash from recyclables as any trash found in a recycle bin sends the entire bin to the landfill.

As the Sustainability Plan for the campus was being developed, the college enlisted the help of Waste Management to perform a waste audit. The audit revealed that an extremely large quantity of plastic bags was being used to collect trash. This was due in large part to the frequency with which the trash was being collected and the number of collection points located throughout campus. Waste Management’s recommendation was to centralize the collection points and reduce the number of receptacles contained in each building.

Not only does this initiative support the college’s commitment to sustainability, this new process effectively reduces the number of touch points for the transfer of germs. All of our plans are attentive to the heightened standards for cleaning, disinfection and the health and safety of our faculty, students and employees. These measures will help us to reduce the potential for exposure during the collection and handling of trash and recyclables, both in classrooms and offices. Our success with the Sustainability Plan and in the containment of COVID-19 will both require the support and cooperation of the entire Canisius community.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to campus. God bless and be safe.

Submitted by: Tom Ciminelli, director, Facilities Management