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Upon the return to campus over the next several months, notice that the Xerox printer/copiers all look shiny and new. There was a new agreement signed with ComDoc and the college received  a new leased pool of devices. There are some changes to the interface but overall they should be faster and have larger screens. If you or your department would like instructions on using the new devices from one of ComDoc’s trainers, you can contact ComDoc to make arrangements starting June 1.

All users will now be using the MyColor and MyGrayscale print queues. In order to increase accountability, security and make our campus more environmentally friendly, the new devices will no longer directly release print jobs. You will need to swipe your ID card and select the print jobs you want to release.

Most users have already switched to using this Follow-Me queue. Once you print to those queues, you can go to any device on campus and get your printouts. They are held on the servers for 24 hours if you cannot print them right away.

New documentation in the Canisius Wiki will be available soon for the new devices. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the ITS Help Desk at, call 888-8340 or visit

Submitted by: Scott Clark, director of User Services/ITS