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Printer Replacement Project

As we start to look at re-opening the college, ComDoc will be on site upgrading all of the 86 Xerox devices distributed across campus. The printers from ComDoc are leased and as the new five-year contract starts, the old devices will be coming off lease and need to be replaced. This will not affect any of the HP printers, only the Xerox printers. These new printer/copiers are faster, have larger screens and smaller footprints.

Starting June 16, we will be visiting offices and replacing devices. There may be some minimal disruption of services over the following few weeks as ComDoc and ITS tackle this large upgrade project. If you have concerns about scheduling and are already back to campus working, please notify the ITS Help Desk. We will try to accommodate your schedule the best we can.

If you have any questions please contact the ITS Help Desk at 888-8340, or visit

Submitted by: Scott Clark, director, User Services/ITS