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The Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS) has conferred one of its highest honors upon Gordon W. Meyer, PhD, emeritus professor of management in the Richard J. Wehle School of Business at Canisius College. Meyer is the recipient of the Peter J. Frost Mentoring Award, bestowed by the national organization to acknowledge an individual who has distinguished him or herself as a gifted teacher and scholar, and as someone who unselfishly imparts these gifts through the mentoring of students, colleagues and associates. 

“This annual award recognizes the energy and dedication of Gordon Meyer who, through his willingness to provide advice, guidance, friendship and a supportive ear, furthers the development of current and future students, teachers, scholars and mentors in the field of management and management education,” said Micheal Stratton, president of the MOBTS, in announcing the award. 

Meyer’s depth and breadth as a mentor, teacher and colleague are evidenced through the several nomination letters submitted to the MOBTS by alumni and colleagues. 

Described as someone who “embodies the extraordinary qualities for which Peter J. Frost was admired,” those who nominated Meyer for the award characterized him as “a listener who never spoke for you but offered honest, insightful guidance” and “a passionate advocate for faculty.”  He was someone who “went above and beyond, was critical to people’s success and made you his top priority,” said one nominator.  Another added, Meyer is “a relationship-oriented individual who had a unique ability to create a harmonious working environment.”  Still another wrote, “He’s provided honest, insightful guidance and perspective as I’ve navigated the twists and turns of my career, and my roles as a husband and father.”

During Meyer’s more than two decades in the Canisius classroom, he supervised undergraduate internships for academic credit and mentored students pursuing their undergraduate honors theses. Meyer also furthered the school’s business explorations course, which provided undeclared business majors with the opportunity to learn about the diversity of business fields and help them identify the program that best met their interests and career aspirations.

Meyer’s education and mentorship of students is paralleled only by the ways in which he modeled teaching, scholarship and leadership to junior faculty and colleagues at Canisius.

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