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The New Buffalo Institute created a list of ways to support our larger community while recognizing the need for social distancing.

Calls for Volunteers: Please consider how you might be able to assist in this time of challenge. We respect your individual decision-making and assessment of personal risk in engaging with in-person volunteer opportunities to support organizations that remain open and serving local residents and families.

Donations: Consider donating to one of the emergency funds below to support our neighbors. If you have additional ideas for how to offer support, please send suggestions to for distribution.

Additional suggestions on how you can assist in the community during this challenging time:


Check on your neighbors, especially those who are older. If you do not have a phone number, consider leaving a note with your contact information in the mailbox or on the door, or talking through the door to see if they need support in accessing services or food


Basic Needs    Organized by the United Way and the Service Collaborative of WNY


Feeding Health Care Workers WNY Feeds the Frontline provides meals to healthcare workers through local restaurants. To make a donation
Blood Donation
Big Brothers Big Sisters Recruiting volunteer mentors now to begin screening and vetting process for service beginning in the summer.
Buffalo Mutual Aid Network Follow the needs and responses thread on Buffalo Mutual Aid Network, sign up to provide whatever you can.


Buffalo Solidarity Relief Fund Provides direct peer-to-peer cash  http;// Solidarity Support
BMAN’s GoFundMe Funding for the Mutual Support Network program



WNY Covid-19 Community Response Fund       Join 22 local foundations in assisting those who are working tirelessly to meet the needs of people affected by COVID-19.
FeedMore WNY Visit FeedMore WNY for a list of active food pantries
NY Immigration Freedom this fundraiser goes toward bailing people out of immigration detention.
Family Promise WNY List of donations requested

Submitted by: Mary Rockwell, PhD, director, The New Buffalo Institute