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The campus community is invited to watch The Dome for special “Trivia Wednesdays” which will be published throughout the school year in every Wednesday edition. The first person to respond to with the correct answer will win Canisius “swag.” Additionally, once a month on Wednesdays, there will be a special giveaway in which the winner will receive some of the newly-designed Canisius Sesquicentennial gear.

Winners will be announced the following Wednesday each week along with the correct trivia answer.

This week’s giveaway question is:

The Canisius Press Club published its first issue of The Canisian in 1929. Can you guess how much the student bulletin cost?

(a) $1.00 (b) no charge (c) $0.75 (d) $0.05


Congratulations to Alan Weitzsacker, system administrator for ITS, who was last week’s Trivia Wednesday special giveaway winner! See below for last week’s question and answer.

Where was Canisius located immediately prior to its move to Main Street in 1912? 651 Washington Street

Submitted by: College Communications