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2018-canisius crew at wos-small.jpg

Canisius was well represented at the joint conference of the Wilson Ornithological Society and the Association of Field Ornithologists in Chattanooga, TN this past June. Kelly Roberts ’18 and Veronica Schabert ’19 presented posters of their work studying bird migration using hydrogen isotopes from bird feathers. Both students were mentored by Kristen Covino, a post-doctoral fellow in the Biology Department.

Sara Morris and her former research student, Elliot Johnston, presented a poster on the effect of age on flight calling behavior in migrating warblers. Former Canisius teaching post-doctoral fellow, Lindsey Walters, PhD, also attended the meeting with one of her students.

At the banquet at the end of the conference, Veronica Schabert received the Klamm Award for best student poster based on scientific merit, presentation style and detailed answers to questions. Congratulations, Veronica!

Submitted by: Sara Morris, associate vice president, Academic Affairs