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As chair of the History Department, David Devereux, PhD, feels deeply connected to Canisius and its educational mission. Because of this and in recognition of the relationships he’s formed with students and alumni, he shows his support for Canisius, above and beyond what he does each day, through his participation in the Canisius Fund.

Devereux made his first gift to the Canisius Fund in 2003 and has been a committed donor ever since.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I love teaching. I love all the things I get to do in my job here. As a faculty member at Canisius, you have the opportunity to do a variety of things and while teaching is the most important, I also enjoy being able to do research at my own pace. As department chair, I am heavily involved in the administrative side, too. I like the balance I have in this position.

What motivated you to make your first gift?

I was motivated to make my first gift, in part, because I feel connected to the institution and its educational mission. When you are hired as a faculty member at an institution, you sometimes think well, “this is just where I do my job.” But for me, there came a point when I realized that in this role I’ve connected with so many students and alumni, and through this I feel like I’m a part of something, a part of what Canisius represents, so I made a gift to show my support.

Why is supporting students through the Canisius Fund important to you?

It’s important to me because our students are so gifted and talented, and gifts to the Canisius Fund help provide those quality students with the resources they need to succeed here.

Why do you think it’s important for faculty and staff to support Canisius?

I think it’s important for faculty and staff to support Canisius because it’s a way of connecting to the institution. We’re more than employees; we’re part of a great community that is very worthy of our support.

What is your favorite campus event to attend each year?

The Celebration of Service event, which takes place every semester, is my favorite campus event. Also, when a person retires or is promoted they are able to dedicate a book in the library. When I became tenured and promoted, that was the first year they did that and it was really nice. There was a reception in the library where all the books were displayed. It’s another way of honoring people. It is deeply appreciated.

Fun Fact: Where is your favorite place to get chicken wings from in Buffalo?

I live in Amherst, so Duffs is right there.

If you have not yet made a gift, please consider joining Dr. Devereux and more than 175 of your colleagues in making a gift to Canisius today at

Submitted by: Summer Handzlik, assistant director, Canisius Fund