Hello everyone. My name is Natasha Loochaz, and I will be giving my MAT480 presentation on Wednesday, March 31. For my presentation, I will be talking about one of the biggest threats that humanity is currently facing, global warming. It is no secret that the world is continuously get- ting warmer, and it is us, humans, that are to be blamed for this disaster. The greenhouse gases that are being emitted into the atmosphere due to human activity is the primary cause of global warming. In the presence of this danger, mathematicians play a big role by using mathematical equations to create climate models that will help scientists predict the course of global warming and climate change. For my presentation, I will be focusing on an equation that is used to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that is present in the atmosphere. The equation is made up of several components, and I will be breaking it down, and discussing each component separately. It would be beneficial to have taken a course in differential equations prior to this presentation, however it is not necessary. Overall, my presentation tends to focus more on the science side of things rather than the math side. I hope to see you all there on Wednesday. Thank you.