Nested Recurrence Relations

Nested recurrence relations are any recurrence relation where at least one of the arguments is dependenton a previous term. For example, the most famous nested recurrence relation is Hofstadter’s Q-recurrence,which is defined by Q(n) = Q(n − Q(n − 1)) + Q(n − Q(n −...

N Queens on an N x N chess board

Have you ever played chess? If you’ve played for any length of time, you most likely know of the dream that many chess players share: to amass an army of queens, the most powerful piece on the board. But with this puzzle, that dream is about to turn into a...

Counting Cards

Next week my talk will be about counting cards in black jack. The pairs and stats related to a certain number of decks used while playing one game will be showed. Also some real instances where people have done very well counting cards in casinos.

Permittivity and Capacitance

My talk is on Permittivity, but before we even get to that we have to define both electrical flux and capacitance, both of which can be done purely mathematically and in physics terms.

Hilbert and Hankel Matrices

Hello everybody! For my 10 minute talk next week I will be discussing the properties and significance of Hankel and Hilbert Matrices. These are famous symmetric matrices that have certain characteristics that cause them to be problematic. Hankel matrices consist of a...