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Brian Sepe, a Canisius alumnus and instructional coach, hosted a workshop on classroom management for students in the college’s Western New York Teacher Residency (WNYTR) program, as well as current student teachers, on February 16. 

Using his own teaching, research and consulting experiences as a guide, Sepe led participants through exercises to identify their core values and how these can be translated into everyday classroom practices. Participants were asked to share vision statements for their ideal learning environment and brainstorm the classroom norms that would help them connect with their students most effectively, encouraging a “power with” instead of a “power over” mindset. 

Beyond this workshop, Sepe partners with mentor teachers in local school districts to provide leadership and coaching support as WNYTR students complete their one-year residency. You can learn more about Sepe and his work as an instructional coach by visiting his website

This event is part of a monthly series of professional development opportunities for WNYTR students. The next workshop, which will cover trauma-informed care, is scheduled for Monday, March 13. 

Submitted by: Christyn Sullivan, Graduate Assistant, Teacher Education and Leadership