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COLI has several upcoming workshops and development Events!

If you want to try something new or if you want a refresher on various D2L capabilities, these are the workshops for you:

  • D2L Essentials: Learn the basics of D2L. In this workshop, we introduce you to D2L and go over the News item, how to add content, create and use Discussions, Dropboxes, and Quizzes, and the D2L Gradebook.
  • D2L Updates and Changes: If you are a veteran instructor, you know that D2L changesĀ a lot. This session seeks to provide a demo of any/all changes in D2L in the last 3 to 6 months.
  • We also provide several workshops that go more in-depth with different D2L Tools including the D2L Gradebook, Discussions & Dropboes, and Quizzes & Exams.

We also provide a number of workshops on various topics:

  • Digital Video for Teaching and Learning: In this workshop, we show you the basics of video editing for instruction.
  • Panopto in D2L: This session involves our Video Hosting Platform, Panopto. Specifically, we go through how to access and use it and how you can use it to teach your students.
  • in D2L: is a Collaborative Annotation (aka, Social Annotation) tool, allowing you and your students to be able to comment on a reading rather than simply using a Discussion post. This can lead to better engagement with and comprehension of the reading.

Finally, we have two upcoming Online Faculty Development Courses. These courses help introduce you to different pedagogy. While the focus is online, you may still walk away with new knowledge that may help you in your in-person courses.

If you are interested in any of these workshops or courses, please RSVP for them here:

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Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, Instructional Designer, COLI